Mass Intention

August 30, 2015 Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:00A.M. + Mary Iacullo, Birthday Remembrance by Marion
+ Mabel Chan by Children & Grandson

9:30A.M. + James Ho by Ho Family
+ Gary Ng by Chris & Darlene Lowe
+ Diane Marie Chan by Darlene Chan-Lowe
+ Mae Brenmark by Susan & Danny Lee
+ Joseph Lin by BiJiang Li & Family

MON. August 31st

8:00A.M. +

TUE. September 1st

8:00A.M. + Bruno Roti, 20th Anniversary by Marion Roti
+ Sarah Phillips by Family

WED. September 2nd

8:00A.M. +

THU. September 3rd

Saint Gregory the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church
8:00A.M. +

FRI. September 4th

8:00A.M. + In Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

SAT. September 5th

8:00A.M. + Friends and Parishioners of St. Therese
+ In Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
+ Ken Moy by Judy Moy

5:00P.M. + For Friends and Parishioners of St. Therese
+ Lauren Mandel by the Scarlata Family

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