Mass Intention

April 19, 2015 Third Sunday of Easter

8:00A.M. + Dominic & Angela Figliuzzi by Theresa & Jane

9:30A.M. + Wai Sun Lau -Birthday Remembrance by Gemma Wong
+ Mose Yun by Tim & Lushia Tie

MON. April 20th

Easter Weekday
8:00A.M. + Wei Chun Tse by Lucy Moy

TUE. April 21st

Saint Anselm, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
8:00A.M. + Deceased Friends & Relatives of Dominic Barbaro

WED. April 22nd

Easter Weekday
8:00A.M. +

THU. April 23rd

Saint George, Martyr; Saint Adalbert, Bishop and Martyr
8:00A.M. +

FRI. April 24th

Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Priest and Martyr
8:00A.M. +

SAT.April 25th

Saint Mark, Evangelist
8:00A.M. + Friends and Parishioners of St. Therese
+ Forsaken & Unknown Souls in Purgatory by Dominic Barbaro

5:00P.M. + For Friends and Parishioners of St. Therese

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