Mass Intention

June 5, 2016 Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:00A.M. + Jean Chinn by Marie Oy Chan

9:30A.M. + Jenping J. Chan by Helen (Tomatoes) Moy
+ Soledad Salmon De Joo by the Families of George, Charles, Fillis, Albert, William, Thomas & Bernie Lo
+ Larry Kirwan by Rose & Perry Lau
+ Timothy Yee by Chris & Darlene Lowe
+ Mee Chun Yong Moy by Sheila & John Lin & Family

MON. June 6th

Saint Norbert, Bishop
8:00A.M. + Anniversary Remembrance for Joseph & Catherine Spina by Briglo Family

TUE. June 7th

8:00A.M. + Thanksgiving by Maria Yu
+ Jean Chinn by Annie Lowe

WED. June 8th

8:00A.M. + Poor & Forgotten Souls in Purgatory by Dominic Barbaro

THU. June 9th

Saint Ephrem, Deacon and Doctor of the Church
8:00A.M. + Bernadette Zito by Briglio Family
+ Joseph Leung by Wife Marilyn Leung

FRI. June 10th

8:00A.M. + Thanksgiving by Cecilia Yu

SAT. June 11th

Saint Barnabas, Apostle
8:00A.M. + Friends and Parishioners of St. Therese

5:00P.M. + For Friends and Parishioners of St. Therese
+ Marie Joyce Sherry by SMI Club
+ Bernadette Zito by Joe & Rita Zito

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