Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is pastoral, not administrative. It identifies the parish vision and the implications of that vision, and it studies the life, activities, and ministries of the parish. The PPC evaluates how well the parish is achieving its goals, and recommends policies and programs that will help the faith-life of the parish come alive.

PPC members are responsible for discerning and advising the pastor on issues as they pertain to the parish vision and mission, and act as a channel to exchange information, news, concerns, and assistance between the pastor and parish. Members attend regular bi-monthly PPC meetings, organize and facilitate regular bi-monthly Commission meetings, and plan and execute parish-wide events as needed.

PPC Officers:     

    Chairperson:  Wendy Sin

    Vice-Chairs: George Lee and Sharon Wong

    Secretaries: Darlene Chan-Lowe and Thomas Howard

PPC Members: Fr. Francis Li, Darlene Chan-Lowe, Thomas Howard, George Lee, Joseph Lowe,  Cita Orendain, Wendy Sin, Sr. Caritas Wehrman, Larry Wong, Sharon Wong, Florence Yu and Jennifer Sin.


Parish Structure Revised 2015