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Welcome to the Music Ministry page of St. Therese Chinese Catholic Mission.

The rich musical heritage of many cultures is represented in the various worship styles at our Sunday and Holiday liturgies.  Masses are sung in Cantonese, Mandarin, Indonesian, English and Italian according to the weekly schedule; please join us in our celebration.

If you are planning a wedding or special Mass, our staff musicians are available to enhance any festive or memorial service with appropriate accompaniment.  Please contact the parish office as far in advance as possible.

The choir rehearses at 11am each Sunday; please join us - old and new members are always welcome!

♪♫Choir Corner ♫♪

March 29, 2015 - Palm Sunday

OFFETORY:  #593 - We Remember
COMMUNION:  #404 - Jesus, Remember Me / #627 - What Wondrous Love Is This                       

RECESSIONAL:  #791 - Lift High the Cross

Words from a new choir member....
Can't sing?   I didn't think I could, either.  I had every excuse - I can't sing, I don't know how to sing, I can't read sheet music.  None of that matters. What matters is that I like singing and that I like spending time with people in the choir.  Lily and Kimberly took care of the rest.  They are teaching me how to read music, how to hear the right note, and how to sound great with everyone else.  Best part is - I am having fun.  If you were hesitant to join the choir for these reasons, please reconsider!  You are welcome and we want you to join the choir.  If you are afraid, feel free to talk to me about it!  ...or at least sing during Mass!  

~Anne Choate (


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