Lector (English)


  • Mission/Description
    • To proclaim and share the living word of God through scripture, leading the congregation to a more prayerful inspiration during their daily lives.
  • Examples of Tasks
    • Proclaiming the living word of  God
    • Reading of the  greetings, announcements, and the Prayer of Faithful
  • Time Commitment Required
    • Reading on  Saturday/Sunday liturgies and any other Holy Days of Obligation
    • Attends  mass regularly
  • Pre-Requisites/Qualifications Needed
    • Consistently attending liturgy
    • In good standing
  • Training to be Completed
    • Training on how to proclaim the living word on the Lectern, how to annunciate and to give meaning the words being read
    • Virtus Compliant
  • Who would enjoy participating in this ministry?
    • Anyone who wants to proclaim and share the living word of God to others
    • Anyone who wants to lead the  congregation to prayerful inspiration.