St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church endeavors to provide as many outreach opportunities as possible for our parish members to go beyond our parish in serving others. Currently, we provide outreach to the St. James Food Pantry, local food depositories, the Sister House, the Baby Bottle program, and the Conversational English program. Our church sends volunteers to the St. James Food Pantry for a 2½ shift on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Volunteers go to the Sister House for the evening one to three times each year, and our Conversational English volunteers help out for 2 hours, twice a week.

Those who volunteer to assist at the Food Pantry should be able to do heavy lifting and/or translation services. Volunteers at the Sister House should have the ability to cook Chinese food and teach others to do so. Conversational English volunteers need good pronunciation and teaching ability, and understanding of sentence structure and grammar, good listening skills, and patience.