Santa Maria Incoranata

St. Therese Chinese Catholic Mission was formerly named Santa Maria Incoronata.  It was built to serve a vibrant Italian-American community.  A magnificent statue of our Blessed Mother stands at the highest point in the sanctuary, as the church was built to honor her.

To this day, the Feast of Santa Maria Incoronata continues the tradition of honoring our Blessed Mother’s birthday.  It is held on the Sunday after September 8th which is when the Church celebrates the birth of Mary.  This festivity begins with the celebration of Mass.  Following Mass, the statue of the Blessed Mother is brought down from the Sanctuary of the Church and carried in a procession.  This procession starts at St. Therese and continues around the neighborhood.  After the procession, Benediction takes place in Church and then a meal is shared by the participants.

This feast brings visitors, family and friends from all over the Chicagoland area and beyond.  It is a beautiful way to not only celebrate our Faith, but to experience the wonderful tradition, history, and culture of the Universal Church.  We hope to see you there!

For more information about the celebration of the Feast of Santa Maria Incoronata, please contact the Parish Office at 312.842.6777.